“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”  Malcom X.

We thank the CU UAEM Valle de Teotihuacán and PhD in Education Norma Lizbeth González Corona, for signed a collaboration agreement with the CEO of the Strappberry Company, Hibrán Martínez Zavaleta, with the aim of developing and preparing the knowledge seen in the classroom in a professional environment, promoting the growth of students.

Stating that this collaboration instrument is also an opportunity for students from the university community to access up-to-date sources of information, apply knowledge and have the most real preparation for working life.

Strappberry is an international company that specializes in creating custom mobile apps and systems through software development.

Originally from Boston Massachusetts, USA and currently with offices in San Miguel Totolcingo, State of Mexico. It develops, manufactures and provides software services to small and medium-sized companies internationally, with regular clients in (Canada, USA, Argentina and Mexico).

In support of future generations, it has sought rapprochement in the universities that are located in the state of Mexico, with the main objective of promoting the professional growth of students.

“It will always be an honor being able to support and collaborate with future generations”

During the signing of this agreement, the CEO of Strappberry Hibrán Martínez Zavaleta, also underlined the company's interest in participating in the development of academic activities that benefit the university community, through courses, workshops and talks on innovation, education in the use of social networks and new mobile applications, among others, that promote the growth of students, preparing them to face the digital age with better tools.

Due to the new agreement, the PhD in Education Norma Lizbeth González Corona from the University Center indicated that this arrangement opens the possibility of creating a connection for the application of the knowledge imparted in the classroom, as well as giving continuity to obtaining a better job in the future.

Currently, Strapppberry awaits with the doors open the entry of new students who are about to apply for social service or professional practices at the CU UAEM Valle de Teotihuacan.

Thanking the institutions that always search new opportunities for the university community with this type of connection between companies.