How Often Should I Update an App?

We don't often see a conversation regarding updating apps. The primary focus of our talks is usually on how to start Mobile App Development or how one could build a Mobile app. 

However, after creating an app, there is much more to come for an app owner. And updating an app is certainly right up there. 

It is not an easy but a daunting task to create an app. Meanwhile, maintaining an app is even more challenging than you might ever think. After all these, a question arises how often should a mobile app owner update an app.

Let's discuss it in an appropriate way to provide you clear insight about it.

Importance of updating an App

Users most often than not, do wonder why an app keeps updating every time around. The fact is straightforward the Mobile App Development industries are updating it by editing its various features. 

Since modern technology keeps changing almost every day, an app owner must pay full attention to it; otherwise, his app will become useless. Besides, updating an app can increase users' interest in it.

Let's dig into the facts that tell us why apps need frequent updates.

1. People love Novelties

People love new features in mobile apps. It is why your app can only be effective if it keeps on updating its features regularly. 

By updating your app, you increase users' interest and tell them you care about them and their preferences. It surely helps in building trust.

2. Innovations are the way to go

Life changes as every day go by. The same applies to the applications, and you can't just have one same app with almost the same features for a very long time. 

Innovating app's features frequently come under the main themes of Mobile App Development.

After summarizing and emphasizing why it is essential to update apps now, we must talk about how often you should edit them.

3. App Update Frequency: Once a month or every week?

Suppose you update your app frequently; it did not just impress users but also App Store and Google Play. But the problem is that how can a developer know the right timing after he should go for an update?

There are some ways of updating an app.

  • Regular updates

It is a specific system of updating an app after sometime

  • At-Will

It means you can update an app whenever you want it to update.  However, the question is still there how often the process of upgrading must be done. 

Let's discuss some factors that will give us a clear picture of it.

4. Factors to consider

First of all, Google and Apple don't allow an update every week. If you try to do it, they will consider it suspicious activity. 

Furthermore, users will also say,'’ hasn't the update come too early''? We have done it just a few days earlier. 

Meanwhile, if you delay the upgrade process, users will think you are not interested in your Mobile App development business.

Therefore, you should consider every factor before going to any conclusion.  Every step which you take will have a colossal impact, either it is a positive impact or negative.

The Conclusion

Maintaining an app requires enormous attention and thought processes. Mobile App Development is not just the name of making an app, and you're ok with it. 

You would have to change the specific features and introduce news one time and time again. However, you can't do the updating process without taking some key factors into your mind. First, you should look for a specific time for an update. Besides, it would help if you gave priority to users' preferences before changing any feature.

At Strappberrywe are experts in mobile application development and we know that it is a long process, but it will be successful with the right resources. If all the above keys are met, you will have an app that your customers will love and that meets your objectives.