7 Tips for Selling through Mobile Apps

According to a report on the evolution of the mobile apps market by App Annie, users download more applications and spend more time interacting, buying, and solving tasks in mobile applications.

This is why some business owners and business executives have seen the opportunity to sell their products online. Since most people are focused on their smartphones, this is the ideal new modality to offer consumers.

If you have a business that is looking for a new marketing strategy to generate extra income by selling your products or services, you might want to consider developing your own mobile application.  Mobile applications can also help you reach more users.  So, is this the best solution for you?  Let’s look at the following advice. 

If you have doubts about the best time to have your own app, this article will help you decide. 

Let's look at the first 7 tips for selling online:

  1. Define your budget: Before deciding to invest and  searching for the best development company, it is important to define a desired investment figure.  Your budget can define the size of your project and the technologies to use as well as the company that best suits you. 
  2. Define and optimize your sales channels: Nowadays, many of our clients are on different digital platforms, so you should choose to be on  several channels and be in the best known ones.                                               If your clients spend a lot of time on their cell phones, a mobile application for iOS and Android may be the best sales channel because you can facilitate many of the processes that they regularly did before having the app, so the shopping experience will be easier and safer.
  3. Searching for a software development company: There are so many options in the market for app or software development companies that it’s hard to choose the right one.  Opting for a company that generates trust is important and you can start by visiting their website and social networks.  Investigate thoroughly and take note of  the response time in which they provide answers.  All of this  will help you make a better decision.
  4. Contact and schedule demos: Once you have narrowed your search to a few options to help you build your idea, request a video call or demo with an advisor.   This step is crucial giving your idea a structure and making it seem as real as possible. If at this point you have not chosen one, continue the search, until you find the best option.
  5. Define a launch marketing strategy:The process of developing an application is a path of patience and, therefore, during this process we recommend preparing a marketing strategy that helps you reach more customers, you can use platforms such as Facebook or Google to help you reach your market niche and thus generate downloads.
  6. Focus on the results: In the planning of any project, the measurement of the results is one of the most important parts for every business owner, measure your (Return on Investment) ROI, check your database, new clients, sales, and growth of your business, the feedback that users have left in stores, and others.
  7. Keep innovating and improving the experience for your customers: In this digital age it is essential to rely on new digital resources such as a mobile application that helps your business grow, search and offer what makes you unique and different from your competition.

Offering your products and services in a new way to your customers or reaching new customers may be the boost your business needs in this digital age. 

Don't be afraid to be the first to do something.  Large companies continually invest and innovate to stay competitive and relevant in the market, why shouldn’t you too?

If you would like to create a mobile application for your brand or business that allows you to retain your current customers, effectively impact your target audience, and improve the profitability of your company by selling your products and services, do not hesitate to contact the Strappberry team to help you develop your idea.