iOS 15 New Features - Mobile App development

With the arrival of the new generation of iPhone and iOS 15 on the market and the rumors of security, design, processors, beta versions, and more, it is finally ready and already presented.

iPhone new 13 introduced the new A15 chip that is supposed to be faster, improving the processing of videos, photos, mobile applications, and optimizing energy. 

Among other new features and quite a few performance improvements and bug fixes after more than three months of testing, today we have the most stable versions to date.

Entering the topic of mobile applications and as a company specialized in development for iOS, today we present to you the most important changes that will be visible in the Apps.

  • Notification summary Where notifications are shown on the initial screen and only the most urgent ones are shown in a grouped manner based on user interaction.
  • App Library: Offering a better organization of all mobile applications to identify them in a better way.
  • New Notifications Experience: iOS 15 photos will be incorporated into contacts and icons of the largest apps, allowing faster identification.
  • Users focusmode: Allows you to filter notifications and apps based on how the user chooses them, thus avoiding distractions and annoying sounds while working or resting.
  • GPS: When an app requires permissions when using the GPS, it must include better information on lanes and interactions, offering geolocation with greater accuracy.
  • New Privacy Features: in iOS 15, apps will be able to hide information such as the user's location and a detailed summary of the access that the applications have been granted.

As expected, Apple introduced this new version in its most recent devices, solving all the problems in its beta versions.

At Strappberry we are experts in mobile application development and we know that these are major changes in the entire iOS operating system.

If you are interested in having a mobile application or implementing improvements to have an innovative app, do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can help you with the development.

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