How iOS and Android are Ruling Mobile App Development World?

iOS & Android Mobile App Development; Ruling the mobile software industry in the world.

We have already talked on several occasions about the reasons for developing a mobile app for a company or brand, even for various sectors and for different purposes.

iOS and Android in summary are the trends in mobile app development in recent years and months, but there are many interesting facts to tell when developing a mobile app.

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Companies like Google know the mobile device market better than anyone as they have counted more than 900 million Android devices, on the other hand, Apple claims around 600 million.

However, large companies like Twitter are still betting mainly on iOS, even knowing that the market for Android is bigger, shouldn't marketing efforts bet on where there are more users? Should a brand have only one type of development for theirs Mobile App?

Now we will try to give the best answer to this panorama and other doubts about the keys to mobile app development in the world.

We love using and downloading new apps, but not all of us stick around or just forget about them. And that depends on the type of user or content offered by the app; Different studies have shown that the App Store generates higher income than the Google Play Store.

Both companies have improved processes so that all users who download and have a mobile app on their smartphone enjoy the best user experience.

And at the same time, it generates profitable income for the brands and companies that own iOS, Android mobile app based on the business model they have in the stores.

iOS and Android each have different advantages and strengths, including their own programming language. But today companies have specialized in the development of mobile apps that have the ability to develop both versions in a faster time.

This is achieved with code optimization and reusing up to 70% of it, which provides customers with savings in time and investment costs to have a mobile app of their company or brand.

It should be noted that development companies consider various factors for mobile apps. Mainly development alternatives in various programming languages such as Ionic, React Native, Angular Flutter, among others.

Companies specializing in development for iOS and Android are the best options to develop an app to the needs of customers since they have the technical capabilities for optimal, efficient, and safe development.


The development of mobile apps has become one of the most important branches of programming since millions of people spend more and more time on a smartphone consuming all kinds of content, communicating, or shopping.

There is no doubt that the market will continue to grow and mature more and more, and it is inevitable that in the coming years or even months we will see more companies or brands choose to have their own mobile app.

And finally, as specialists in software development, we know that the current market is growing, but few companies are prepared to face the challenges that are coming and the new trends.