Remote work, the future reaches us.

Remote work the future reaches us In Spanish-speaking countries we are not used to remote work and whether we accept it or not, it is already a global trend that is just around the corner.

For many of us, remote work is like something unreal, something that only happens to certain people who are more fortunate than you and that, on the contrary, you will always have to go to work in an office and do “butt hours”. Unfortunately that is the way of thinking of most people who think that they cannot get to have a remote job or as they say in other countries teleworking.

I confess that it was one of the most difficult decisions for me to be able to work remotely and trust that people were working because we have that stigma of not trusting the people who help us. When I started with Strappberry I didn’t have many options and I decided to risk remote work with all the staff and I can swear it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

The beginning was quite hard, I gave confidence to my first employee, a graphic designer who lived near Guadalajara, Mexico and the first 2 weeks I did not believe that she was really fulfilling her tasks, every day she asked me if she was going to give me something or he was just going to rip me off but luckily he made me realize I was completely wrong. I still remember those first deliveries that she made where she began to show me that she was committed and believed that remote work was possible and her deliveries and commitment removed all my doubts from my head and we began to focus on the things we had to do.

I can boast that personally I have had the opportunity to continue working from many different countries, climates and events, my favorites are when I was working with a caloron in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and also when I was on the tour in Europe going through several countries ( I remember walking through the streets of London and talking on the phone to hire a guy) that would end on that trip to Samara, Russia to wait for the Mexico vs Brazil match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

To this day, we continue to work on a completely remote scheme where we are only tied to having a good internet connection to be able to eat the world digitally and since that distant May 2016 when I founded Strappberry, I remain convinced that being able to make home office or as they say in English “working from home” is the future of work where we can work from the comfort of home and not have to worry about inclement weather or traffic.

If you are thinking of changing the work scheme with your workers, the only thing you have to worry about is trusting people. That aspect is undoubtedly the most important, the rest is accompanied by a mixture of technology and productivity because for remote work you must verify that you are working and not like when we used to go to the office and be unproductive, in my case it does not happen. When you do not feel ready to work, it is best not to work, my work team knows that when they do not feel good to work they do not, it is a style that will probably be called “very millennial” but as a technology company we must be focused on being consistent with implementing new trends in our work team and working from home is one of them.

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