7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Build a Mobile App

With the continuous growth in technology advances and the digital era that has been transforming the way we operate in business, today smartphones have reached the point of being part of our daily lives and especially mobile apps, which have connected thousands of users.

This has become a great opportunity for companies and specialists in mobile app development that offer these services. 

With the use of the internet on various devices and the constant adaptation to these, the growth of confidence in using mobile applications today reinforces the reasons for many companies seeking these digital strategies.

The World Wide mobile communications industry aproxima que existirán 500 millones de conexiones de smartphones para 2023.

A great reason why nowadays several companies are starting to bet on this strategy, becoming a great challenge for innovation and for offering more personalized experiences. 

Do you need more reasons to create an Mobile App?

Here are some key aspects that as experts we believe will help you make a better decision. 

7 Reasons to create an mobile app 

  • Offer quick and easy access to products or services.

Most apps are easy to use and offer quick solutions. By having usability designed specifically for users, they can offer exclusive content of products and services in a very original way. 

  • Reach your target audience

Although there are hundreds of mobile applications and most of them are designed for an end-user. 

Being able to reach your real consumers and increase their loyalty to your brand is another reason to invest in having an app. Creating a specific mobile application focuses on the users that consume your content, products, or services.

  • Increase your revenue

The fact that a person downloads your mobile application can be a sign that he or she is interested in your content. This can generate a conversion of a potential customer who is interested in your products or services. 

Which can increase your conversion rate and the possibility of generating more revenue for the business.

  • You can offer a unique experience

Considered one of the most important reasons for the number of features you can offer the user in the app and that this means unique and personalized experiences. Having an exclusive app makes a difference.

Adding features such as push notifications, putting a profile picture, sending an email, or even being able to chat are reasons that make the user want to have your app. 

  • Be different of your competition

Just by having a totally unique and customized app with your look and feel you make a big difference to your competitors. 

You don't need to be the first or the only one who can have one, but you can offer functionalities that others don't have. Much depends on the capacity of the company where you decide to choose to work on the development of your app. 

  • Be more Productive

Having a company or managing a team is not easy, every day there are internal tasks that are the basis of the operation. Therefore, if you have an app that helps you perform these tasks, you will not have to worry because they make certain processes easier.

  • It is a great communication channel

More and more users are joining smartphones and every day we spend more time on mobile applications performing communication tasks, shopping, or performing any procedure or service.

A large part of this communication channel revolves around mobile devices connected to the Internet, so its reach is very large.


When users download mobile applications, the possibilities of offering them quick and easy access that leads them directly to exclusive content or to learn more about a product or service, we are taking advantage of everything a brand or company can offer to the consumer. 

At Strappberry we are experts in the development of mobile applications and we can help you in this process so that your business idea is successful and meets your needs. We have extensive experience to develop, publish and design apps from scratch with the necessary requirements and in the versions you need.