How often should update my Mobile App?

We know that every time a new update is made, one of its main objectives is to improve the interface to provide a better experience in mobile apps to each of its users, however, have you ever wondered how often you should update your mobile app?

Mobile Appshave been a functional tool since they allow us to maintain constant communication and more specialized and personalized attention to each of our customers and allow us to be efficient and quickly know the company's reports.

A mobile app can be the best assistant you can have, however technology is constantly changing, and for your app not to become obsolete and keep up with the times, updates are necessary.

So to know how often you should update your mobile app, different signs indicate that your app will need an update:

Here are 4 points to consider

  1. Keep updated: As we already mentioned, technology is constantly changing, so there are always new features in the apps that can provide a better experience to your users. You must be aware of new features, so you can always stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Pay attention to your users' comments: Users are an important key to know the functionality of both your mobile app and that of your competition, so it will be essential to be aware of the comments that users may place.
  3. Error-proof App: You must be aware of when users of your mobile app begin to report device incompatibilities, execution instabilities and constant crashes, because it is time to repair all these problems, so an update must be performed so that your users can have a multiplatform experience.
  4. A functional App: It is important that you check that the basic functions of your app, such as logging into the app, viewing your company's information and products, as well as purchasing and making payments, are functional.

Making updates to your app not only allows you to stay ahead of your competition but also allows you to make changes to the current features of your app, fix bugs, and above all keep your app away from hackers.

While it is true that there is no estimated time in which updates have to be performed, performing them regularly and being aware of the points mentioned above can save you from headaches that your app may give you later.

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