What Should I know before developing a Mobile App?

Do you know what is Mobile app development services and how to help businesses to grow in the new digital age?

With the increase in the use of smartphones, tablets, or computers, the development of mobile apps has gone from being a trend to a necessity that is gaining popularity among executive directors, CEO's, vice presidents, managers, supervisors, and high-ranking positions in business around the world who are looking for solutions and alternatives to improve the performance of their team, increase sales and improve customer service.

What are mobile app development services? 

Start in the business analysis and UI/UX design, development, testing, and integration to finally publish in official app stores if required. 

At Strappberry we believe that the best process to develop a mobile app, taking into account the highest quality standards of software, is the next:

  • Strategy & Idea: The first and most important phase of the process is where the goals and strategy for a successful app are defined. 

In this phase, the following must be identified:

  • Who will be the users of the App?
  • What is your competition?
  • What actions will users be able to perform through the App?
  • (iOS / Android or maybe both). 
  • Analysis and planning: In this step, your ideas start to take clarity and essential requirements and functionalities are defined.

Part of the planning and analysis is to select the best technologies and the best development company.

  • UX/UI design: The success of a mobile app can be determined by how users accept and benefit from it. The main objective of an app with UX/UI design is to have the best performance and experience.


- Intuitive

- Friendly

This phase also includes:

  • Workflows
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups

Once all the previous points have been accepted and each of them has been defined without losing the focus and objective of the app, we move on to the next phase of the process. 

  • Development: Integration of all the previous points, the efforts of the development company are included in this phase. 

Successful development is mainly integrated by these three points:

  • Back-End platform and the necessary server (database). 
  • API is the method of communication between the server and the App.
  • Front-End: Consists of what the end-user will be able to visualize and use.

Technologies that allow agility and make changes without affecting the entire development are used. 

  • Quality Control (QA): The part where mobile applications go through a testing process to verify if they are stable, secure, and usable. 

Security and performance tests help us to see how responsive the App is, its speed, how it adapts to different phone versions, and its overall efficiency. 

It is common for bugs to arise, but it is the best practice to avoid launching an app to the market with security or usability problems. 

  • Release: Developing an app on iOS and Android will require being able to publish it in the official stores such as Apple Store and Google Play. 

To be able to publish an app in these stores is not so easy since it requires different requirements. It is recommended that the company in charge of the project performs it and prepares the requirements that the stores ask for.

  • Support: After successfully launching your app in the stores, you should frequently check the downloads, or if there are users who are reporting any errors.

If so, you will have to support those failures, or in any case, if your app needs updates or new implementations do not hesitate to implement them to keep your users. 

Hiring a development agency to build an app, should follow or take into account exactly the above mentioned. Finding an ally that generates this process with dedication and focuses on the needs of the company is an important step to successfully completing the project. 

That is why hiring a company can be more efficient and you can save time or avoid being left halfway through the project and that usually happens when you hire a freelancer who is not committed to their work. 

A company will dedicate its time and resources to complete the project in a timely manner, in addition to having a specific area with an internal work team that focuses on the various projects to be developed. 

Even a development company can be cheaper than a freelancer, and some companies offer flexible payment plans and programs to serve their clients. 

The mobile app development methodology does not end with the launch of the app. Updates will be needed as the company grows and is likely to require making changes or adding more features, and for this, it is advisable to have a long-term relationship with the company.

A development company that seeks to build a long-term relationship with its clients will always provide the best service. On the contrary, a freelancer might change careers, get bored and not be available to help you later. 

Hiring a software development company will help you all the time even if you don't have much knowledge about apps and development methodologies and you will see the progress of the project every week. 

At Strappberry we are a software development company specialized in mobile apps, we are ready to help your company to develop that idea and with the process. 

If you need help you can contact us here to see how we can help you.