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Mobile App and Software Development Services

We have strong development skills and use the latest technologies like React, Angular, NodeJS, TypeScript, CSS, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript,
MySQL, SQL Server.
We build scalable software so we are perfectly able to connect with Facebook, Google, Stripe, PayPal and more platforms using secure connections and web services.

iOS App Development

We are experts in the software development for iPhone (iOS) iPad (iPadOS) operative system.
We can work with native code for Apple (iOS) devices or hybrid technologies to make faster the development process.

As a experts in iOS App development company we can build native iOS app for your business. 

With our +10 years in mobile apps experience, we have the best process development to adjust your requirements for developing your Business App in iOS.

Android App Development

We are experts in the software development for Android operative system.
At Strappberry, we can build native Android App for your Business.

As a specialist in the Android App development company, we help you during the whole process from defining your idea to publishing and maintaining your App in the most popular store (Play Store).

Software as a Service

We are experts in Software Development for Companies
As a top Software development Company, we help businesses save time, optimize workflows and your business implement custom software to measure productivity, reduce time lost by repetitive tasks, and protect your customer data.

We help you during the whole process since defining your idea until realising & maintaining your own system.

Affordable and in same
Time Zone

We know that development prices are crazy expensive but we are
an affordable option for you, our prices starts at $30 USD/hr.

Stop dealing with abroad developers that will be working while are sleeping and forget about slow communication by email and having calls only in the morning, we are in the same time zone so you do not have to worry about that.
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