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Some of our customers think about us. 
Thanks for the support!
"In the Soy Esencial team, we had time looking for an alternative for one of our tools, we had considered making an App many times, but it was a very uncertain and potentially expensive process.
In Strappberry we found that ally to be able to carry out the dream. We obtained a quote with options for both payments and packages that included different elements, we managed to fit our budget and in the end we obtained a much more spectacular product than we had imagined at the beginning.

The Soy Esencial App is going to serve us for many things, although its main objective is to bring the information closer to our users, the uses we can obtain are much greater, some of them:
- Increasing the average purchase, thanks to a better communication of promotions, uses and alternatives.
- Improve communication with those who have not purchased in 6 months, since they lose access to the App...
- Increasing attendance at workshops and events, as well as making it easier for people to find out through notification.

We have been less than 2 weeks and have already seen results in all these aspects. The team and our users are dreaming about the quality of the work and this has been reflected in the acquisition of new memberships and in the volume of sales.

The quality of the work, the capacity to present alternatives, solve problems and its ease to adjust all this to the budget, make Strappberry an ally with which we will not stop collaborating. They are even finishing another similar project with a colleague, and likewise their expectations were exceeded.

Thanks Strappberry
Pablo García

Pablo García 

Soy Esencial Team

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"Thanks to Strappberry and all of the team for the prompt response and efficiency in solving our problems. Without a doubt, the decision was made that from this moment on Strappberry will be part of our group of providers for all the issues related to software solutions and system development because we have full confidence in the quality of their services and the guarantee of their work"...

lissett chavez

Lissette Chávez

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