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In 2017, I decided to start a crazy idea. My name is Magali Arriaga and I am an economist and my experience made me detect that digital was a trend that would not change anymore.

My entrepreneurship idea was related to the development of a platform, an area where I had absolutely no knowledge. But it knew that every time it was growing more the offer of software, so I didn't rule out that idea. What I never expected was that it would take me about eight months to find the ideal one.

The search for a development company was a disappointing process: too expensive, too late, zero excited about my idea and worst of all; soo egocentric.

Once I found the ideal firm, the next part was to cover the costs. I seemed high, but definitely cheaper compared with what I previously found, so I decided to go on. I was given a functional product but unfortunately in a short time the system started to fail and I didn't have the immediate support from the development company. At the end, when the support came, included an account that frankly I couldn't pay for.

It was then, when by recommendation, I arrived with Strappberry, and since then everything started to improve. Since the very first interview they got on the boat, they understood my idea perfectly and added suggestions and there was always a positive answer to my requests. In terms of the cost, it was something that fulfilled my budget, but I am sure Strappberry gave me the plus, because their mentality and vision makes your projects to have impeccable quality and beyond.

Needless to say, they gave me additional services of great value. In the first tests of the platform, they were with me to correct any errors. Even they cheered for me when I was not generating enough traffic.

Being young and experienced with services abroad, they are completely updated in the digital ecosystem. And that plus is given by their services. I have the guarantee that
I'm on trend with my platform. They modified the configuration to save me a lot of money inherent such as the hosting and other unnecessary support platforms. In addition, the operating system that I had previously built was complicated and unusual, but they even recruited the right staff to solve my problems on the platform. This is Strappberry, focused on solutions.

In the almost two years I have been working with them, I can say that Strappberry is responsible, solution-focused, highly disciplined and gives the best quality in every service and product offered and that vision is transmitted to the team, all very professional.

That's why I have recommended Strappberry for over five times, and will continue to do so. There is Mexican talent and the CEO Hibran Martinez has shown me that there are no impossibles either.

Magali Arriaga

CEO of

"In the Soy Esencial team, we had time looking for an alternative for one of our tools, we had considered making an App many times, but it was a very uncertain and potentially expensive process.
In Strappberry we found that ally to make the dream come true. We obtained a
We were able to get a quote with both payment and package options that included different elements. We managed to fit our budget and in the end we obtained a much more spectacular product than we had imagined at the beginning.
The Soy Esencial App is going to serve us for many things, although its main objective is to bring the information closer to our users, the uses we can obtain are much greater, some of them:
- Increasing the average purchase, thanks to a better communication of promotions, uses and alternatives.
- Improve communication with those who have not purchased in 6 months, since they lose access to the App...

Pablo Garcia

Soy Esencial Team

"Two weeks ago one of our clients was in a quality audition. Isiscom, as part of the systems support area, who is responsible for everything related to installed technology and managing with the suppliers related to the area.
Just at the time of the audition, "the platform where the references of the customs pedimentos are consulted and where all the quality control manuals are consulted" presented an error in the access.

Reason why we required immediate attention in order to solve it, the person who developed it could not attend to and literally told us "I'm very busy, I'll check it later or when I can".

Without wasting time, our Operations Director contacted Hibran Martinez CEO of Strappberry to...

Lissette Chávez

ISISCOM IT Solutions

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