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"Awesome. With Sofi's reports, I can make a comparison between my previous inventory against the current one, plus the reports are friendly and easy to analyze”.
“Sofi By RGIS, helps me create my inventory of Products and Fixed Assets, of my 3 branches”
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“I love that Sofi By RGIS can read the barcode of my products with my cell phone camera, so I prepare my inventories faster”
“It does not have ads, it does not distract me when doing my inventory”

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“The field selection is very easy, we will only select the fields that we need.”
“The application is easy to use, the App and the Web page help to import and export my data.”

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Sofi By RGIS

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"Thanks to Strappberry and all of the team for the prompt response and efficiency in solving our problems. Without a doubt, the decision was made that from this moment on Strappberry will be part of our group of providers for all the issues related to software solutions and system development because we have full confidence in the quality of their services and the guarantee of their work"...

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