Reasons to have an Android App your Business

Today there are more than 3 billion Android devices in the world, which would become the habitats of China and India.

Making Android one of the operating systems with the most market penetration in the world. A place where a mobile application can have a large reach of users.

Over time Android has become one of the most commercial operating systems worldwide among users. And with great growth and acceptance, a great demand was born in software development companies for the knowledge of how this system operates, the challenges involved in operating and supporting mobile applications created with this operating system.

Experts in mobile application development see Android as one of the biggest options to offer to companies looking for new marketing opportunities to connect with their users or even with other companies.

However, there are specialized development companies that offer mobile applications for iOS and Android using new technologies that allow project delivery up to 70% faster.

If you don't know what is the best time to develop your app or how to start, here is this post where you can find out.

4 reasons to have your App on Android

1.Robust, creative, and innovative 

  • Being a very flexible software, Android application development experts can develop an app with excellent features and functionalities.

2.Important portions of the mobile market

  • Belonging to one of the largest companies such as Google, in 2019 alone it managed to position more than 500 million devices increasing daily.

3.More number of customers daily

  • Can you imagine the number of people your project could reach? This would be the dream for any company or business owner, that their products or services reach as many customers as possible.

4.Can be used on different devices

  • Since its code system is not limited only to smartphones, various mobile apps can be used on tablets and other devices such as smartwatches or even on new cars.


Android has transformed the mobile application market and we can find a lot of mobile apps for Android particularly in the business world. The development of mobile applications either on Android or iOS does not require more than the right time and method to have a successful mobile app.

But have you asked yourself, why have the same app on both operative systems? Or if your clients or users have to use more iPhone (iOs) or Android? Mobile apps development can assist a business in reaching out to more customers, improve your sales, brand image or create a loyal customer base.
At Strappberry we are experts in mobile app development for iOS and Androidand we can help you in this process so that your business idea is successful and that it meets what you need. We have more than 10 years of experience building mobile apps from scratch with the necessary requirements