If you are already thinking about the new challenges or goals for next year, you will be interested to know and learn about the future trends that will follow up the development of mobile apps with new designs and functionalities adapted to the user experience.

In this article, we will explain these trends in mobile app design, in case you already have an app and want to update it, or you are thinking of developing one as your next project. A software development company specialized in iOS and Android apps would be the best partner to start your business idea. 

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The design and development of mobile apps are fundamental parts that define the functionality of an app. Before starting with the design, it will be necessary to describe and analyze what the final objective of the app will be. 

All mobile apps need a design, a harmony in the elements, and color combinations that will be displayed in them. That is why the content we are going to show must be clear and intuitive for the user.

4 Future Trends in Mobile App Development iOS & Android 

  1. Interactive Chats: Platforms are combined through different channels, such as an interactive chat within the app, messages, and multi-access to social networks. 
  2. Mobile Payments: Although it is something that is already implemented, next year we will be including integrations with more electronic payment platforms that provide other payment options for all users. 
  3. Colors and fonts: Trends in colors and fonts will help us adopt new ideas, better user experience, and even greater customer acceptance. Colors for next year will be inspired by nature, fresh tones that generate warmth and optimism. 
  4. Animations: Trends that are here to stay. There are more and more options to integrate this type of element into our apps that make them look very different from the competition, which will make your app unique and customized with your brand

Animations with movements when starting in the app or even in 3D are promising trends.

Finally, in this post's first part, we will talk about one of the trends that many users are familiar with. One of the important points is interactive design because in recent years we have seen great mobile applications that have grown quite a lot because of their interaction with users.

  • Interactive Design: If you are looking for a successful application, then an interactive design is the answer. These apps are leading the market, the time spent by users with the interaction that is dedicated to the application increases every time they feel more involved.

In a few words, it is the interaction with the interactive services of an app, its environment, and its approach to the end-user, without losing sight of the objective of our mobile app. Develop the scenarios in an appropriate way to offer emotions that can provoke more interactions.

These are some trends that will be implemented in the development and design of iOS and Android apps for next year. 

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