Uber or Didi App Development Cost in the USA

Are you thinking about developing a mobile app?  One of the aspirations that many have is that they would like these to be similar to others Apps that are super successful like Uber, Didi, Rappi, or even better than it, customized to your needs. But what about the cost and development times for Uber or Taxi App?

This is because the mobile app market is constantly growing, making it a very promising one, which most businesses want to adopt in their digital strategies.

However, something that few dare to see is that, regardless of the app, we will find that there is a whole evolution from its beginnings to the present day since nowadays this type of app have functions such as GPS and a real-time monitoring system.

In addition, all these brands, as they have grown, developed a whole strategic plan in marketing and sales (coupons, offers, and special rates), and also have a development team that integrates Mobile App Development strategically for the success of your business.

But despite all this, if you are looking to develop a mobile app and do not know how to start, keep reading on.

To determine the approximate development price of an app, we have relied on this mobile app development company and we will use Uber and some of its most important features as an example.

Main Features of Taxi Booking App Development

  • Development time: Although it has taken time and constant changes in this type of app, as development experts we can estimate that a similar App ranges between 6 to 8 months of development in which we could have working prototypes for iOS and Android operating systems.
  • App WorkFlows: In this case, Uber has the following 3 kinds of apps: 
    • User App:
    • Login /Register 
    • Tracking
    • Fare estimation
    • Payments
    • Driver’s ratings and reviews
    • Booking Ride
    • Price calculation
    • Messaging
  • Driver App
    • Login and Checklist
    • Verification
    • Daily Report
    • Trips
    • Messages 
    • Payments and Earnings
    • Wallet
  • Admin Panel 
    • Login 
    • Driver Taxis
    • Vehicle type
    • Reports
    • Tracking
    • Push notifications

These are some of the most important features and functionalities that are integrated into the Application, in addition to the integrations with other platforms. 

  • Development: A further point is to find an ally who will be in charge of the whole process and conceptualization of the idea of your app. 

Although nowadays and with the constant growth of the demand for applications, many independent developers or agencies that claim to be experts have caused consequences in the reputation of companies specialized in mobile development.

You can opt for one of the above because maybe a freelancer can do the project. But as experts we recommend that you look for a company which offers contracts, commitment, quality work, weekly reports, and different payment options or way of working (monthly or hourly development) so you avoid wasting time and money as a freelancer can get bored or leave you halfway through the project.

Things that will not happen with a specialized company and work methodologies that will focus its resources on delivering a successful App and as you have desired.

Cost of mobile app Uber or Didi?

The approximate prices start at USD 25K - 30K. 

While building mobile apps with all these features requires a QA development process, the services of development companies facilitate this process thanks to their work methodologies and especially the integration of new software skills to ensure the development of mobile apps for iOS and Android.