Advantages of a Mobile Delivery Apps for your Business

More and more people expect the business that offers products to include the delivery services due to extra satisfaction for customers. 

The growth of these popular platforms and the constant evolution of the delivery service through mobile apps are making great strides.

Strappberry is a company that specialized in the development of mobile apps for various industries, its activity in delivery apps has triggered new features for this type of app to focus on offering an excellent service to end-users and great benefits for business owners.

Pointing out that businesses that use trading platforms end up paying high commissions for using the service. However, the delivery business will continue to grow as a result of new consumer habits.

A custom mobile app for your business not only should provide a platform for convenient ordering, but neither works as your one-stop solution for increasing customer engagement. Provide additional value to your customers through push notifications, payments, streamlining the action of order, process, and delivery, rewards, or special offers keeping your business in the mind of your customers. 

  • Omnichannel Ecosystem 

It can be connected to a website or e-commerce where basically you will have all the information of your sites in the App, offering more sales and communication channels to your consumers.

Another advantage of an App is that you can update the content (images, videos, product information, or descriptions) whenever you want and the App updates itself once saving the info.

  • Streamline Purchase Order Process 

Offering order tracking to your customers today is a thrill to know how their order passed because your customers see what state their order is in, whether it was received, is in preparation, or in delivery, it keeps them hooked and generates peace of mind for users to be able to follow and know the approximate time of delivery.

  • Improved efficiency and Automate repetitive work

It will allow your company to generate greater efficiency and identify opportunities for growth or improvement. Expanding your market and being able to reach more customers is a challenge that you can face with the app's service.

Keep in mind that these services and the number of people who choose to use delivery apps are constantly growing. 

  • Avoid paid high commissions: 

An app must represent an additional channel to the service that you already offer or platforms that your company already has.

The development of your own app for your company can be a medium-term investment in which you will understand more about how to maintain your audience, and your processes and generate extra income.

Popular platforms will usually charge you a percentage of commission each time you use the service, which usually ranges from 25% to 35% of the value of the service.

  • Attract new customers :

Providing your customers with new opportunities and options such as offering to track and being able to see the status of their orders from an app and also being able to receive notifications on their smartphones will set you apart from your competition.

This strategy could lead to more people recommending you or even preferring you for the shopping experience you offer.

Another point and advice that we can give you are that if you are considering incorporating an App development into your company, they complement it with marketing campaigns on Facebook or Google Ads.

Since you can convert simple downloads or likes into new buyers or convert them into frequent customers, you can get the most out of your sales channels.

Using digital tools in your favor will always be a strategy that will be unic you from your competition and what you offer to your customers. Analyze these benefits that your company could obtain and, as the owner, ask yourself if you need app development and if you can allocate a budget to incorporate this new strategy.

If you need help, you can contact us to see how we can help you develop your Delivery App.