What You Should Know About B2B Mobile Apps

If you’re still thinking about creating a business-to-business (B2B) mobile app for your company, it’s time to stop pondering and take action. In this digital age, if you don’t have such a presence online, your B2B company is going to fall behind. 

In fact, the Statista website states that by 2021 almost 80% of businesses will use mobile apps to meet their customers’ needs more efficiently. Therefore, what are you still waiting for? 

Let’s explore why a B2B mobile app is essential for your enterprise and how you can get started on yours today.

Why Is a B2B Mobile App So Important?

If you’re still pondering why you should create a B2B mobile app, let’s start with the obvious. 

Mobile apps have become the norm for consumers, and B2B companies won’t be able to reach their audiences without a mobile presence.

In fact, B2B businesses are expected to spend nearly $40 million a year on mobile app development by the year 2020, according to a survey published by research and analytics firm Statista. For your B2B customers and prospects, mobile apps are a great way to stay connected, have quick access to information, and easily take action on the go. 

With a B2B mobile presence, you’ll be able to reach a huge, untapped audience that currently doesn’t have any way to engage with your brand. Plus, it’ll be much easier to stay connected to your customers and prospects with push notifications, SMS and email.

How Will a B2B Mobile App Help Your Enterprise?

A B2B mobile app can help you reach new customers, boost sales and stay competitive in your industry. 

  • Reach new customers: If you’re still thinking about how to reach new customers. Think about this, most people are on the go and connected to the internet via their mobile devices. This means that an increasing number of people access your website or app with their phones. A mobile app can help you meet the needs of all these customers on the go. 
  • Boost sales: With an app, you can make it easier for customers to buy your product or service and provide helpful information, such as product specs, reviews or pricing information. You can also offer a way to schedule service appointments or make other appointments.
  • Stay competitive: If you don’t have a mobile app, you risk falling behind your competition. If your competitors have a presence on mobile, you risk losing customers to them.

What Should You Have in Place Before Developing Your App?

Before you dive head first into the creation of your B2B mobile app, you’ll want to make sure you have everything in place. 

  • Research: First, you’ll want to do some research. Look into what your customers are currently using and what they’d like to see. You can do this by surveying people on social media, in person or via email. You can also look into the apps your competitors are using and see if there are any helpful features they have that you can add to your app. 
  • Define your Customer Experience: While your app may be a nice addition, it won’t do anything if no one uses it. You can help encourage your customers to use the app by creating a mobile-friendly site and by promoting the app through your marketing efforts.
  • Create A User Flow: Once you understand what your customers want from the app, you can begin sketching out a user flow. Start with a simple sketch so you can get your ideas out. This will help you figure out where you want everything to go and how customers should be using the app.

3 Steps to Developing a B2B Mobile App

Once you’ve determined you need a B2B mobile app, you’ll want to follow these three steps to make sure you create the best app for your needs. 

  • Define your goals for the app: Before you can move forward with creating your B2B app, you’ll need to figure out what you want it to do. What is the main purpose behind the app? What are some goals you want to see when the app is completed? You’ll want to have the main purpose written down. It’s a good idea to have a few different goals written down as well. You may discover that you want the app to do more than expected once you start creating it. 
  • Find a mobile app development company: You’ll want to find a company that is experienced in creating B2B apps. Look for companies that have experience with industries similar to yours. This will help them understand your needs and provide a better app for you. 
  • Create a plan for the app - Once you’ve found a development company you can work with, create a plan for the app. You’ll want to include information such as the goals of the app, what kind of technology you want to use, how you want to position the app, and the timeline for completion.

Bottom line

In this article, we’ve discussed the importance of creating a B2B mobile app and have explored the benefits of having one. We’ve also looked at the different steps you can take to create a successful app, including defining your goals, finding a mobile app development company, creating a user flow and being mindful of app store optimization. 

Now is the time to create a B2B mobile app to help your business connect with customers and stay competitive.