Mobile App Development - The Most wanted skills in IT Industry

While the continuous accelerated digital transformation that mobile applications are increasing like a necessity or trending, it does not mean that development times are short, users increasingly want better apps to interact with brands and the functions to be done are increasingly complex.

The advantage of technology is that it advances by leaps and bounds and today the development of mobile apps for companies has more and better tools to achieve quality development optimizing time by up to 70% and using the latest technologies. 

Currently, all mobile device manufacturers (Smartphones, tablets, iPads) have their version of the android operating system and want their devices to have pre-installed apps, but... what if I want my app to appear there?

Smartphones have become the number one tool of our day today and the truth is that very few brands are there, in fact, brands have emerged that are currently there and do not physically exist anywhere. They don't have offices or they are just a great idea and we all decide to download their app but when is your business going to be there?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, several businesses have tried to get on the trend of technological digitization doing quite interesting things, from the classic change to have a presence in social networks and its website to have an app where you can broadcast live a TV channel or we can make secure and fast bank transfers. 

Organizations are increasingly turning to mobile app solutions to expand their customer reach during the pandemic.

Mobile apps are today's trend among innovative, different companies and we all want to be there for our customers, if you want a customer to buy from you you must facilitate their buying process and this is something that the big brands are very clear about, so they were pioneers in giving their users a mobile app to make their lives easier. 

This technological boom has caused a very big demand to the companies that specialize in the development of mobile apps and therefore a considerable increase in prices as well as an excessive growth in companies. 

Sometimes I feel that this is not sustainable but the truth is that it is, companies are selling more and more on the internet and now it is no longer conceivable to have a business that does not sell online. Customers are already used to buying things online, making or ordering some service and that is why home delivery companies are growing a lot. 

Personally, I see that mobile app development companies and skills will continue to grow greatly regardless of the pandemic, creating more jobs and helping as many of our clients as possible to allow their customers to interact with their brand through their own mobile app.

As times keep changing and we are evolving to new and better features thanks to the new devices and trends that are being released year by year in the tech world.

Hopefully, soon we will be able to do many more things that we see in the movies, mobile apps, and software development companies have a very important commitment to our customers to continue delivering quality and a great user experience to customers.

If you need help you can contact us to see how we can help you develop or improve your own mobile app, at Strappberry we have the latest skills in mobile software development.